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Texas Tech has one player on the preseason All-Big XII list

The Red Raiders are definitely flying under the radar this year.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason All-Big XII awards, AKA the awards that don't mean a thing, were released this morning. The only Red Raider that found his name on the list was Clayton Hatfield. You can read the full list here.

Now, this is only the first team, so there were undoubtedly some Red Raiders in contention for preseason awards. Names like Patrick Mahomes, Justin Stockton, and Jah'Shawn Johnson come to mind.

However, preseason awards are the pinnacle of uselessness, a way of getting the fans excited for football season while providing some quality DISRESPEKT locker-room fodder for the players. Injuries happen, bad seasons happen, personal seasons are affected by injuries, etc. While we've established that in no way does this actually matter, it was a tad surprising to see no Red Raiders outside of Clayton Hatfield on the board. Oh well, it'll just make it that much more surprising when we have 3-4 on the postseason All-Big XII list.

Everyone is counting Texas Tech out, which isn't surprising and isn't exactly a sign of disrespect. If you don't keep up with this team heavily, you see the loss of three offensive linemen, an All-Big XII running back, and All-Big XII wide receiver, and the transfer/dismissal of two of our top defenders as a huge red flag. That's understandable. There's definitely room to spin this into the "NO ONE THOUGHT WE COULD DO THIS" mantra that's a part of every football locker room from Alabama to Akron.

This is a trivial award (because my team only had one player on it). Wait until the season. Nothing matters until September. All predictions are useless. Every team will let you down. Eat at Arby's. Accept your fate.