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Big 12 Schools as Pokemon Gyms

Pokemon gyms and the Big 12, let’s do this.

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

So, if you haven’t heard Pokemon Go is sort of a big deal. Basically you have 5 years olds and 35 year olds playing the same game. You’ve got people getting in wrecks and people slacking at work because of it. It’s taken over pretty much everything within a week’s time. So with Pokemon being the “thing” right now, what better than to tie it into a Big 12 article. If you didn’t know, there are 8 original Pokemon gyms, so I present to you Big 12 schools as Pokemon gyms in the eyes of Texas Tech (Ash).

Pewter City Gym - Oklahoma State

In the game and TV show Brock was the gym leader at Pewter City. After Ash beats him they pretty much become good friends. Now I’m not saying Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are super great pals, but out of the Big 12 schools I say the Pokes are the least hated amongst the Red Raider fanbase (even though they use our Guns Up and call it Pistols Firing).

Cerulean City Gym - West Virginia

Misty is the gym leader in the game and on TV, and after Ash puts a beat down on her Pokemon she joins Brock and Ash’s poke-gang. West Virginia is another school I view as an alright school. There’s not really much hatred between the two schools and if I had to pick between them and OU or another Texas school, I’m picking the Mountaineers. Plus, Misty uses water Pokemon and people in Morgantown have to use water to put out burning couches. It only makes sense.

Vermilion City Gym - Kansas State

This gym uses electric Pokemon and is ran by a “lieutenant”. Bill Snyder would certainly qualify as a football lieutenant and when Kansas State is playing well some would describe Manhattan as electric. Like electricity, some of the Snyder-led Wildcat squads have literally come out of no where and shocked the nation.

Celadon City Gym - Iowa State & Kansas

So since there are only 8 original gyms, that means I had to assign two schools to one. Who better to group up than Kansas and Iowa State? Celadon City is the grass-type gym, and I mean grass isn’t really something to be afraid off. Sure, it may make you itchy for a bit but that’s about it. Iowa State and Kansas might cause a little nervousness at the beginning of games but by the end there’s no real contest.

Fuchsia City Gym - Baylor

Some have described Baylor and Waco as a toxic situation at the moment and well the Fuchsia City gym leader uses poison-type Pokemon. Luckily, most poisoned Pokemon can be healed with an antidote.

Saffron City Gym - TCU

Last year the Red Raiders and Horned Frogs went toe-to-toe down to the very last play. Even though Texas Tech played them great, it always seemed like TCU knew the Red Raiders next move. This is why TCU is Saffron City, the gym that uses psychic-type Pokemon. Hopefully this season the Red Raiders can get past these crazy mind games.

Cinnabar Island Gym - Oklahoma

Blaine heads up the Cinnabar Island gym and uses an array of fire Pokemon. If anyone has ever played Pokemon they know fire-type Pokemon are usually one of the types you want to go with (Charizard, duh). Just like fire, if you’re not paying attention the Sooners can scorch you. Hopefully the Jones can put out the flames this year when Tech and OU meet up in Lubbock.

Viridian City Gym - Texas

The Team Rocket leader, Giovanni, runs Viridian City’s gym. For those who don’t know, Team Rocket is the bad guys. In the earlier games Giovanni uses ground-type Pokemon and in later ones he uses all types. This sounds like the Longhorns, last year they pounded the rock and when equipped with a good quarterback they’re not afraid to air it out. No matter what Texas, like Team Rocket, will always be the bad guys.