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Red Raider players one-up each other with videos

T.J. Vasher and Demarcus Fields each posted videos that should get all Red Raider fans excited for football season.

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - LSU v Texas Tech Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

I graduated from undergrad 10 years ago. When I left school I barely had a camera on my phone, let alone a video camera that would allow me to capture any moment I wanted. If I had a video camera in college I would have gotten into so much trouble. That’s because I probably would’ve filmed stupid stuff instead of myself doing ridiculously athletic moves on a football field or in the weight room.

But today’s players have cameras to go along with their athletic prowess. This past weekend, two true freshman, T.J. Vasher and Damarcus Fields, posted videos of themselves doing stuff that I hope translates to Big 12 play this season.

They’re both freaks, and watching them makes me so excited that we’re getting close to both contributing this year. I think Vasher will have a huge year as a true frosh. That size and those hands look pretty hard to defend.

Let’s not forget about the impact this guy will have either, though.

Wreck ‘em Tech.