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Hannah Carson finishes 2nd at Olympic trials

The Red Raider will need a special invite to go to Rio.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Rio Olympics are a dumpster fire. The term "dumpster fire" is overused and cliche, but it's definitely appropriate when we talk about games in a country with extreme economic issues, a Zika outbreak, and freaking body parts washing up on shores.

Even though the Rio Olympics can be compared to the asteroid hurtling towards the earth in every disaster movie -- both are inevitable, the prospects are terrifying  for humanity, and there will certainly be someone left dead, many Olympic hopefuls are braving the less than adequate conditions of Rio de Janeiro to get their chance to compete in arguably the most prestigious international event of all time.

Such is the case with Hannah Carson of Texas Tech. If you haven't followed Texas Tech's track and field team, she's shattered dang near every throwing record in the book. She just placed second at the Olympic Trials, but will need an invite from the IAAF in order to go to Rio.

Gil Roberts has already made it to Rio. Let's hope that Hannah Carson gets an invite as well.