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POLL: Texas Tech Uniform Tournament, Semifinals: #2 vs. #3

#2 Black/Red/Black vs. #3 Black/Black/Black

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's results: The #5 seed white throwbacks upset the #1 seed black throwbacks, 61% to 39%. The #5 seed will advance to tomorrow's championship against today's winner...

In the second semifinal, we have a pretty straightforward matchup between two well-liked home uniforms. It essentially boils down to a vote between black and red.

The #2 seed is the black helmet, red jersey, and black pants combo rolled out against TCU last season. A lot of fans loved these, especially since they hadn't seen red in awhile. The #3 seed is the all black home uniforms, considered by many to be an intimidating look during night games/blackout games.

Which uniform do you like better? Make sure to vote in the poll below! Voting ends at midnight. Remember, the winner advances to the championship tomorrow.

#2 Black/Red/Black

#3 Black/Black/Black