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Texas Tech Uniform Tournament: The Final Four

Breaking down the home stretch of our uniform tournament...

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The fans have spoken, and we are down to the final four Texas Tech football uniform combinations in our ongoing tournament. Only one will walk away as the champion. We have a pretty interesting dynamic in the semifinals, which will occur on Monday and Tuesday this coming week.

Monday’s semifinal is a battle between the 1990’s era throwback uniforms. The #1 seed is the home throwbacks – black helmet, black jersey, grey pants – and the #5 seed is the road throwbacks – black helmet, white jersey, black pants. Both feature the classic, flat Double T.

Tuesday’s semifinal will pit Tech fans who want to see more red against those who admire the all black look the best. The #2 seed is the Black/Red/Black combination worn against TCU last season, the first time we really saw the color red incorporated into the uniforms during coach Kingsbury’s tenure. The #3 seed is the all black, standard home uniforms.

Regardless of whichever combination wins in either semifinal, the championship will be a throwback vs. modern matchup, adding to the intrigue. The championship will immediately follow the semifinals on Wednesday. Then, we will finally have the answer to which uniform combination Texas Tech fans like the most. Stay tuned…

NOTE: After an obvious error with the polling (due to spam, bots, trolls, or otherwise), the all black uniforms advanced over the Lone Star Pride uniforms despite receiving less votes. It is very apparent the fans don't like the Lone Star Pride as much as the all black. We do not anticipate any more polling errors, as those only seemed to occur with the Lone Star Pride uniform polls.