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5 Things We Learned From This Week's Big 12 Meetings

The Big 12 wrapped up their annual meetings this week and here are the highlights.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

1. Several Texas Tech football game times were announced.

The biggest take away from this announcement was the fact that we will actually have some night games at the Jones. I could be wrong, but I do not ever remember the game time against Baylor in Arlington being announced this early.

2. Walk on players can now transfer without having to sit out a year.

This was odd to watch develop over the week. First we heard that the vote was 5-5 and the rule would not be changed. The very next day the story broke that the rule was changed with a vote of 7-5. Obviously two schools were convinced to change their minds after more discussion. From what I read the biggest hangups were in the verbiage of the rule. Once that was cleared up the rule change passed.

Yes this benefited OU greatly, but I feel the rule change is the right thing. Debating the ramifications of this complicated rule change is for another day.

3. Big 12 Commissioner Bowslby wants a decision.

According to Yahoo Sports Bowlsby said he wants a decision by the end of the summer on expansion. Not that Bowlsby really has any say on the matter, but it appears he is trying to stop the endless discussion swirling around the Big 12's future.

4. Texas still doesn't want expansion.

This is a beating having to type this right now. This week UT AD Mike Perrin proclaimed that the Big 12 is fine the way it is and the Longhorn network has many advantages other than making money. Really? It also seems that some high powered donors do not agree with Perrin's stance on expansion. Ultimately that will be what tips the scale for Texas to get on board with expansion.

5. The Big 12 will have a conference championship game again.

This was the most significant development from the meetings. You had to think after the Big 12 petitioned the NCAA to allow a ten team conference to have a championship game that it would happen soon. The championship game will begin in 2017 and did bring about more questions. Will there now be two 5 team divisions? Is this the first step towards expansion? Time will tell, but the conference needed a championship game and now they have one.

Lastly here are the video clips of the Big 12 Commish giving his recap each day of the meetings.