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Let's Talk Traditions

It's no doubt that Texas Tech brings the noise, but what about adding some new traditions?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

This past December I had the opportunity (if you want to call it that) to attend an Aggie basketball game against Baylor in College Station. Needless to say, they’re loud, but at about the halftime I was done with all the chants and heckling. Ironically, Texas Tech has been always stereotyped to be rude, loud, and malicious. I can neither confirm nor deny if batteries were ever thrown during a football against the Aggies, but I can deny the rumors of Red Raiders throwing beer at opposing fans since The Jones doesn’t sell alcohol. Lubbock or leave it, Red Raiders of all shapes and sizes can pack The Jones and bring the noise all four quarters, rock The U.S.A for another upset, or terrify pitchers at Rip Griffin Park. The Masked Rider is a literal and religious experience for any college football fan, it’s one of the country’s most unique football entrances, and it never gets old. Despite Texas Tech having a pretty impressive home-field advantage across all sports, there’s always room for improvement or growth for more traditions, more ways to intimidate the opposition, and to be noticed.

I’m not sure where the line is drawn between fans who cuss during the fight song, and fans who sing the words as they were written. It would irk me to hear the words being replaced, but hey, it’s your call, and you probably paid good money to be in the stadium so sing it anyway you want. The tortilla throwing is brilliant. It’s easily my favorite tradition. It’s hilarious to pull out the tortillas at an away game and see the opposing fans stare with a confused look. The "Raider Power" chants bring me chills, and I’m sure it’s the same for you. Raider Red is a friendly face that will stop for a picture, hug the kids, and even do his best Cam Newton impression and dab for you. The atmosphere at a Texas Tech sporting event is special and it’s irreplaceable.

Seeing A&M whoop (no pun intended) up on Baylor brought me so much joy, not because I like the Aggies, but because I just enjoy Baylor suck at sports. I’m sure you do too. Seeing their chants and calls where cool, but I wanted to be back in Lubbock with all of my fellow Red Raiders. Besides my ears ringing, I left that A&M game with thoughts of seeing our fan base and students create new traditions during football games, basketball games, or any other sporting event where our school spirit is crucial for a Red Raider win. What else can we add to make Lubbock a nightmare to play in? I thought about our football kickoffs, and how hype they get before the ball is kicked. It’s thousands of screaming fans with their guns up. That’s intimidation for sure, but what about after the ball is kicked? I thought about how intimidating it would be if we all shouted "Wreck ‘Em Tech" after the ball is sent flying. It would remind the players and the fans why they’re there, and it would remind the opposing team of what’s about to happen to them. What are some new traditions you would like to see in Lubbock?