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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: (1) Texas Tech vs. (4) Fairfield

It's regional time for the Red Raiders as they take on Fairfield in the first matchup

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA postseason is upon us. It's time to buckle in and prepare for a wild ride through what should be a difficult route to the College World Series. Texas Tech was the regular season champions, but several subpar defensive performances led to a very short Conference Tournament that saw the Red Raiders take losses to #4 seeded WVU and #5 seeded Oklahoma. Texas Tech starts off its Regional by playing Fairfield.

HOW TO WATCH: This game will be televised regionally (HAH) on ESPN 3. It's streaming on the internet here.

FIRST PITCH: 2 PM Central Time

PREVIEWS: We don't have a Fairfield specific preview for you, but we have several other things you can read up on if that is the desire of your heart. We hosted a Q+A with Mountain West Connection concerning UNM here. We couldn't find a DBU writer, but we found a big DBU fan and asked him some questions here. We previewed how the entire regional could potentially shake out here. Looking for stats? We have a breakdown of some key stats from Texas Tech's Regular season here.

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