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Texas Tech's Top Five Wins in Football Since 2008

Time to embrace some football debate in late June, bros.

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To this day that score gives me chills down my spine. You should get chills, too.

However, I am not here to talk about that today. We have nailed that score into our heads to the point where we have forgotten some amazing games Tech has played recently.

Yes, 39-33 should never be neglected, as it is the greatest triumph this school has ever seen. It will be the greatest until the day that hell freezes over and the Red Raiders are hoisting the National Championship Trophy (they need to bring back the crystal trophy). Not that it’s an impossibility, but Tech is still trying to win the last game of the college football season for the first time ever.

For the sake of this debate, I am looking at the best wins that Tech has gotten over this time period. Otherwise, Aaron Green and the Horned Frogs would be sitting gleefully at number one. Here we go:

Honorable Mentions:

at #15 Nebraska, 2009 (#Sticks)

vs. #24 TCU, 2013

vs. #16 Arizona State, 2013 (Would've been #6 on my list)

at Arkansas, 2015

#5: at Texas, 2015

Boy, the demons of not beating Texas when their program has been on a down since 2010 finally ceased. That’s the long version of saying this was overdue (uh, ya think?).

The game in itself was highlighted by fantastic individual achievements. Patrick Mahomes once again eclipsed 400+ total yards, DeAndre Washington had his third highest rushing total of the season at 173 yards, and Jakeem Grant assured us that while this is a big world, the little people are important too.

(Out of all of Jakeem’s amazing moments playing for Tech, that’s got to be number one, right? The Oklahoma State 90-yard reception is a close second, however.)

On the other side of the football, Texas had an amazing game from freshman running back Chris Warren III, who only had 291 yards and 4 touchdowns rushing the football, snapping Cedric Benson's record for most rushing yards in a game for a University of Texas freshman. The tempestuous conditions made it difficult for both defenses to tackle the ball carriers, leading to 696 total rushing yards between the two rivals. That’s insane.

After a back-and-forth fourth quarter where both teams scored three touchdowns a piece, the good guys won and I was very thankful for our football team on that day.  

#4: vs. Michigan State, Alamo Bowl, 2010

I don’t care if you were Team Leach/Team Administration, Team Potts/Team Sticks, Tech needed to win this game. Not from necessarily for the team or the programs advancement standpoint, but for the fans.

This was the most controversial time to be a Red Raider football fan in recent history, and probably all of our history. That was the most divided overall as a fan base I believe any of us have felt as a fan of a team. People still get fired up about that conflict to this day.

Anyways, the greatness of Ruffin McNeil and Lincoln Riley was displayed in this game. As much as Taylor Potts made my head hurt, he ended up finishing with two touchdowns and 372 yards and was named Offensive MVP for the game.

Steven Sheffield (Sticks) came into the game atop the Midnight Matador for an injured Potts in the fourth quarter, marched his troops down the field 77 yards in 8 plays, and Tech magically took the lead 34-31 with 5:03 left in the game. After an interception on the Spartan’s next possession, Sticks converted a 4th & 4 to the great Detron Lewis, and on the next play Baron Batch banged his way into the end zone on a thirteen yard run for his second score of the game. Tech took down then sophomore Kirk Cousins and Sparty to win 41-31. That was a thrilling victory for us all.

Numbers three, two, and one will be announced next week.

This list is my opinion and not the other writers for VTM. Tell me why I’m right or wrong below, and you can find me on Twitter also: @RyanKravik17.