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Monday Matador Mailbag (on a Tuesday) 6.28.16

The Mailbag returns a day late with some #content for your eyeballs.

1st Team All Big XII. Stockton has the speed to make people absolutely pay if given the slightest amount of space on the field. With the way that Texas Tech gets the ball to its playmakers in space, Stockton is going to have multiple instances where the only thing between him and the end zone is turf. DeAndre Washington and Justin Stockton have completely different running styles and strengths, but the result is the same: both are dangerous in the open field. The play calls might change slightly in terms of how we get the ball to Stockton as opposed to Washington, but the end result will likely be the same.

*IF* the defense will improve, most of the credit will go to the interior defensive line with Lonzell Gilmore, Breiden Fehoko, and Ondre Pipkins. This offseason, we lost a speedy CB in Nigel Bethel and a great pass coverage LB in Dakota Allen. It's hard to say how much these losses will matter in the long run, but right now when we need all hands on deck to improve, it's not good.

We should expect the defense to get better from last season because it's hard to get any worse. Statistically, the only defense worse than ours was that of the Kansas Jayhawks. We were at least competitive in terms of turnovers, but other than that, not much changed in terms of the final results.

Expect the defense to get a little better because it's the second year in David Gibbs's system and because we have several players who came on strong towards the end of the year coming back. D'Vonta Hinton is back at MLB. Jah'Shawn Johnson is back at safety. Fehoko is back at DT. If these players can steadily improve as a team, the defense will improve. It might not improve much, but most anything is better than last year, statistically.

I bet my friends in college that I'd get a double T on my left buttcheek if Texas Tech ever won a national championship in football. I'd gladly get that tattoo depending on the circumstances.


Let me explain: Chimys as an institution is not overrated. Its margaritas are. There's more sugar in those dang things than a box of Cookie Crisp with a 2 liter of Mountain Dew poured over it. All hyperbole aside, they are simply way too sweet and not worthy of the hype around them. Chimys as an institution is a very fun place.