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Mahomes and Webb are two of the strongest arms in the nation

The two most recent Texas Tech QBs have cannons.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

In Bleacher Report's list of 2016 QBs with the strongest arms, both Patrick Mahomes and Davis Webb made the list.

Davis Webb transferred to Cal this summer, and a big part of why Cal was after his was his arm strength. In 2014, most national media members were very high on Davis Webb. He's the highest ranked senior quarterback in NFL Draft rankings, despite not starting in a single game in 2015. Webb had a lot of potential at Texas Tech that was never completely fulfilled, but on-field mistakes don't erase arm strength.

Patrick Mahomes's arm strength needs no introduction.

This is a video of a football that traveled sixty five yards in the air from Patrick Mahomes who threw it on his knees. That's insanely impressive, no matter what way you cut it. Mahomes routinely throws 40-50 yards on the run.

The ridiculous amount of wealth in Texas Tech's quarterback situation has been becoming more and more apparent. Jett Duffey is next in line, and while I don't want to see him this year, I'm confident in the future of the quarterback position.