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What if the Big XII Twitter account was hacked?

The SEC's Twitter hacker was trash. Be original dude.

John Weast/Getty Images

Today, the SEC's Twitter account got hacked.

I'm not going to post any screenshots of the hack because of the softcore pornographic nature of the content. However, it was disappointing that the hacker only posted spam porn links. Nothing is lamer than getting a huge platform for a joke then falling flat on your face. The NFL Twitter account's hacker did much better. However, this got me thinking: what would be the funniest thing a hacker could tweet from the Big XII school's accounts?


"Bill Snyder died as he lived: writing thank you notes and going to Golden Corral"

"Kansas State hires Ron Prince as head football coach"

"Hey @Kansas at least you have basketball LOL"


"Oklahoma to join ACC in 2017"

"Bob Stoops has depleted the state's visor supply"

"Trevor Knight to re-transfer back to Oklahoma, start in Sooner's opener"


"Fine, we admit it: we stole all of our traditions from Texas Tech"

"Oklahoma State: at least it isn't Arkansas!"

"@Oklahoma take me with you"


"Oh god we have to play football again"

"Perry Ellis discovered to be ancient Egyptian Pharoah reincarnated"

"@Missouri weekly reminder: get bent"


"Georges Niang has a stupid name. Yeah, we said it."

"Donald Trump announced as new chancellor of Iowa State"

"Cool article! --> 'Here We Go Again', the story of Iowa State football"


Yeah, I'm still not touching anything here with a ten foot pole.


"Texas to open satellite campus on the moon as early as 2020."

"@Oklahoma hey remember this?"

"We'll take all your croots we still won't take a win... except for @Oklahoma LOL"


"We threw batteries at you. We aren't sorry."

"Kliff Kingsbury to spend next season as GQ model. Link--->"

"Don't come to Lubbock unless you want to get stabbed."


"Purple is actually a stupid color. Yeah we said it."

"TCU's hand sign is offensive to shark attack survivors with nubs, therefore it is banned from sporting events."

"@MountainWestConference I miss you, what are you doing next weekend?"


"Actually, Pitt isn't our rival anymore, we hate @IowaState more."

"Remember that time we almost got Randy Moss?"

"Severe couch shortage in West Virginia due to all these WVU losses"