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Talkin' Texas Tech RBs with Mark Rogers

I chatted with my good friend Mark Rogers about Texas Tech's running back situation.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Replacing players is never an easy task, especially when that player is DeAndre Washington. DeAndre was a special running back, and I don't think that we'll see another one exactly like him ever. That being said, Texas Tech is still golden at the running back position, and will arguably have one of the best stables in the entire Big XII in 2016.

Justin Stockton is different than Washington, and those differences make him great. We'll likely have to adjust the way we attack defenses on the ground a tad, but if there's anyone in the country that can scheme up an offense, it's Kliff Kingsbury.

Behind Stockton, I still hope to see Dauphine. He's reportedly had some playbook issues, but if we can get past those, Dauphine will be a physical force. He can run over you or he can run around you, it doesn't really matter. Quinton White and Demarcus Felton should make appearances as well.