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Talkin' Texas Tech QBs with Mark Rogers

I talked to my good buddy Mark Rogers about the quarterbacks on Texas Tech's roster.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Mark Rogers and I talked about a multitude of things when it comes to quarterbacking the Red Raiders. We talked about Davis Webb transferring to Cal, the rise of Patrick Mahomes, and the future in Jett Duffey.

I think we have a lot to look forward to at the quarterback position even though our offensive line loses a lot of talent. Our running schemes mostly worked around trap and zone techniques, and the newcomers should pick those up rather quickly, especially with the talent we have coming in 2016. They will be young, yes, but they should be good. The only thing we have to work on is pass protection. Texas Tech's pass protection was nonexistent in our bowl game against LSU, and even though they have a lot of NFL caliber players on their roster, that level of protection is not acceptable. Patrick Mahomes has the capability to sling from the pocket, there just needs to be a pocket to sling from.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy our quick conversation.