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Five Thoughts on Texas Tech's 3-2 Win vs. Florida

A recap of Texas Tech's historic victory in Omaha...

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports


1. History!: With the win, Texas Tech earned its first College World Series victory in program history. In their 2014 campaign, the Red Raiders went 0-2 in Omaha.

2. Die by the sword, live by the sword: Texas Tech was five outs away from starting the tournament 1-0 when TCU’s man-child Luken Baker hit a three run homer to give the toads a 5-3 win. Today, the baseball gods smiled upon Texas Tech, as one swing of Eric Gutierrez’s bat gave the Red Raiders a 2-0 lead. It’s hard not to imagine what could have been if Texas Tech had been able to finish off TCU...

3. Razor sharp Davis Martin: The ESPN2 broadcast crew called freshman pitcher Davis Martin “razor sharp” after the Gators went three up, three down in the 7th inning. Martin was clutch throughout his performance and held the best team in the country scoreless, only allowing three hits. I don’t know if the kid even shaves his face yet because he’s so young, but he was indeed “razor sharp”.

4. Crocodile tears: A few Gator fans on Twitter were crying about the baserunner interference call in the 6th inning, which resulted in an inning-ending double play rather than Florida scoring at least one run on the play and keeping the inning alive. Rules are rules, and the Florida baserunner stepped so far inside the base path on his final stride, he was in the grass. He was correctly called out.

5. Live to die another day: Even after knocking off an outstanding Florida Gators squad, Texas Tech faces an uphill battle just to keep their season alive. They will face the loser of tonight’s TCU vs. Coastal Carolina matchup on Thursday. If they win that game, they face tonight’s winner and must beat them twice in a row to advance. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, Texas Tech took care of business today and will have nine more innings to stay alive. They have played well with their backs against the wall so far this postseason, amassing a 4-0 record. Hopefully they can keep it up.

Player of the game: It’s a tie between Davis Martin and Eric Gutierrez.

Play of the game: Tanner Gardner made a SportsCenter Top 10 catch up against the center field wall in the first inning, stopping an easy run from scoring and preventing the Gators from gaining some early momentum.