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Things You Can’t Spell Without “TCU”

Fun with words...

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the offseason so we’re running on empty in terms of ideas to write about. Couple that with the fact that TCU just won’t leave Texas Tech alone, and you wind up with an article like this.

Everyone remembers TCU ripping the hearts out of 60,000 Red Raider fans at The Jones this football season, scoring late on a 4th and goal as Texas Tech was on the verge of an incredible upset. Then TCU knocked Tech basketball out of the Big 12 tournament, likely damaging our seeding in the NCAA tournament. And yesterday, two outs away from winning the first College World Series game in program history, some freshman man-child hit an 800 foot bomb to lead TCU to a 5-3 victory over Tech.

So here are some things you can’t spell without the letters “T”, “C”, and “U”. Enjoy…

That was a punCh to the gUt.”

The man-Child jUst hit a home run.”

“I’m going To drink a CUp of tears.”

Those purple uniforms are Cringe-worthy and hideoUs.”

They Couldn’t let Us have just this one?”

“Losing 82-27 is embarrassing.”

That last one didn’t have “T”, “C”, nor “U” in it, but whatever. Anyway, you get the point. I’d really like for Texas Tech to beat TCU in a major sport when it counts. A rematch in Omaha is a possibility if Tech can beat Florida on Tuesday. Otherwise, I’ll be looking forward to Pat Mahomes rolling into Fort Worth this fall.