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Tyler Floyd wins Elite 90 Award

The Red Raider catcher was honored for his academic success at the College World Series.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Texas Tech baseball team had a relaxing, fun day at the College World Series pre-ceremony. There was one Red Raider who took home a huge honor.

Tyler Floyd won the Elite 90 award, an award given to the player at the College World Series with the highest individual GPA. The Personal Finance graduate student has a perfect 4.0 in his years at Texas Tech.

Most of the hoopla around Tyler Floyd has been centered around his undeniably safe slide home in Game 2 of the Lubbock Super Regional. It’s always nice to see athletes succeed academically, but being honored on a stage like the College World Series is an exceptional circumstance.

The Texas Tech baseball team has been awarded multiple times for their academic success, which has culminated with 11 selections to the Academic All-Big XII Team.