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I Hate Tommy Tuberville

Coach Tuberville will forever live in infamy at Texas Tech.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Where to begin? I have yet to meet a Red Raider who was ever a fan of Tommy Tuberville. His hiring was met with mixed reactions, many still reeling from the firing of Mike Leach. In all honesty, hiring Tubervile seemed like Texas Tech had struck a gold mine. He took the Auburn Tigers to an overall 85-40 record while Tommy was at helm, so why not to think he would do the same for the Red Raiders? Since we all know the mediocre outcome of his time coaching here, we'll save that for another time.

In the business of college sports, good coaches get paid, and the bad ones get bounced around until they find their niche or retire. The good coaches are desirable, and will always prefer the big schools over lower tier ones. That logic is sound, right? So as to why Tommy Tuberville dine and ditched Lubbock for Cincinnati is beyond me. It may have been the money, it may have been a change of scenery, or it could've be any other reason, but it is beyond me to think he left a Big 12 program for a then Big East program. Call us mediocre, bottomfeeders, mid-tier, but never tell me that the Big East is better than the Big 12. That isn't the only thing that irks me about Tuberville. His complacency led Texas Tech to become complacent itself. In the three years he coached, he never produced anything spectacular other than notable wins over OU in 2011 and West Virginia in 2012. He never fully embraced the Air Raid, and that left a bad taste in the mouth of everyone. He always complained about the the Lubbock wind, which ironically grounded him from leaving to Cincinnati for a brief moment. The excitement that surrounded Texas Tech football following Kliff's hire is day and night when compared to Tuberville's reign in Lubbock.

Let's talk about his little stunt  he pulled leaving Lubbock for the first and final time. While at dinner with recruits, he was able to accept a coaching position at another university, and then literally leave the recruits at the table. Coaches leave schools unexpectedly all the time, and we should all be used to it. It wouldn't have been a huge deal for him to leave the school, because honestly I don't think there would have been an uproar about his leaving. It's the way he did it. It was shady, and a far cry from being professional. In the final moments of his coaching at Texas Tech, everything that came to him was warranted.

He is a stunt in the growth of Texas Tech athletics. This is why I hate Tommy Tuberville. Whenever it's time to sit down and write the entire history of Texas Tech University, I think it would be okay to skip the three years Tuberville was coach. It would all save us some time, it would all save us our piece of mind, and it would save Texas Tech from remembering how terrible Saturdays could be when Tuberville ran the team.