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Twitter's Reaction To The DCTF Cover Was Pretty Funny

We're all excited about the DCTF cover over here. That doesn't mean that some of the reactions to the announcement weren't pretty funny.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

If you're behind on the news today, Texas Tech's very own Patrick Mahomes and Kliff Kingsbury were selected to grace the cover of Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine. The shot is a homage to the old days of the magazine, but that doesn't mean the rest of the Big XII didn't poke a little fun at it. Here are the best tweets about the image, as well as some hilarious tweets from Kyle's caption contest.

The Lion King jokes abounded!

Friday Night Lights jokes are always welcome.

The implied bromance between the Ray Ban King of College Football and Patty Ice was lampooned a tad.

Arguably the funniest part of the whole thing was the Houston fans offended that it wasn't Greg Ward and Tom Herman staring pensively into the future. There were other various school's fans peeved that their stars weren't on the cover, but Houston fans took the cake in terms of being mad online.

Is it time to make a new photoshop of this?

Ultimately, it's still a great cover shot with some important things about it that aren't visible to those not paying close attention.