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10 Burning Thoughts On Texas Tech 11, East Carolina 0

10 thoughts on the beatdown Texas Tech put on East Carolina int he rubber match of the Super Regional

1. Texas Tech started off very hot, which has been an issue for them all series. In Game 1, Texas Tech started slowly. In Game 2, they couldn’t get the men on base home. In Game 3, Texas Tech came out firing on all cylinders with 3 runs in the first inning.

2. I’m impressed with the depth of Texas Tech’s bullpen. Tadlock has consistently been able to pull pitchers at will and still have quality dealing well into the third game. We can plug and play pitchers wherever we need to. Erikson Lanning hosed ECU today, Robert Duggar hosed them yesterday, and we still had several guys to play

3. Gute’s slump ended technically yesterday with his game winning RBI, but it emphatically ended today. He drove home 2 of the first 3 runs of the game, then immediately was intentionally walked. #GUTEBACK.

4. Freshman. Pitching. Texas Tech started three freshman pitchers in the three super regional games. All three preformed well. Davis Martin got in some tight spots and didn’t preform to his potential, but he still pitched well. Gingery allowed one run. Lanning didn’t allow any. The future is bright for Texas Tech.

5. Man, a huge congrats to the ECU ball club on their season. They were a formidable opponent and came to play on a huge stage. That freshman pitcher, Bridges, and Travis Watkins were players that would contribute, if not start, for every team in the country. They came to play, didn’t stop fighting, and nearly pulled a fast one on the Red Raiders.

6. Texas Tech turned 7 double plays in the Super Regional alone. That’s an obscene stat.

7. I thought we sustained momentum well for the first time in the Super Regional today. In the past we would get people on base and not be able to finish, today Texas Tech finished expertly.

8. I’m not sure who I’d want to face more: TCU or A&M. A&M would be more fun to beat, but I feel like we match up better with TCU.

9. Tyler Neslony is your offensive MVP of the Super Regional. 4 doubles and a home run throughout the entire series is difficult to do.

10. The words from the ESPN announcers after the injury to ECU’s center fielder ring true. The Texas Tech fans all stood in unison, and were dead silent with the guns raised as the senior was being checked on. When I say dead silent, it was dead silent. The announcer “had never seen anything like it in my(his) life”.

Red Raider fans are the best, and are part of why it’s so hard to play at Rip Griffin.