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DBU Q+A With A Big DBU Fan

We looked far and wide for a huge DBU fan and found one. Here's a great Q+A with Bryce McPhail.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Mississippi vs Texas Tech Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

I couldn't find a DBU blog or any DBU specific SBNation guys. Trust me, I looked. Thankfully, I have a few connections from old summer jobs and such, and as it turns out I know a guy who knows a huge DBU baseball fan. We asked him some questions. Huge thanks to Bryce McPhail for doing this really last minute.

VTM: DBU comes in as the MVC regular season and tournament champions. What were the defining moments in that season?

I’m not sure there was one single moment that defines this team, but several moments that proved the character of the team. For me, I look back on the many comebacks this team had. They’ve proved their resiliency time and again. It is a testament to the leadership on this team, from the coaching staff and the seniors on down.

VTM: DBU’s first matchup is against UNM, a team y’all have already swept this season, with the highlight being a 33(!)-8 shelling. What do you expect from your lineup in this rematch?

New Mexico is a good club with dangerous bats throughout their order and very good arms on the mound. Obviously the previous games hold no bearing on this regional, so I expect our lineup to have a good approach, put together good at bats, and put good swings on good pitches.

VTM: Let’s say DBU wins this game. Who do you expect to play next?

If DBU wins the first game, I expect to play the winner of the Tech – Fairfield game.

VTM: You have Jameson Hannah batting .337. You have Darick Hall with 18 home runs and 68 RBIs. Matt Duce and David Martinelli are also having great seasons. Who steps up to the proverbial plate for DBU this weekend? (weird wording, I mean who leads the team to victory).

I think what makes this team great is the ability for any guy to step up to the plate and produce at any given moment, which again comes back to the leadership on this team. This team is solid through the lineup and anyone can play hero in any game.

VTM: Y’all have already swept UNM this season. Do you think DBU rests Sam Allege (1.35 ERA) for the winner’s game, or plays him and goes for the more likely win?

New Mexico is a quality club and they shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone, and they won’t be overlooked by DBU. Seth is a great pitcher and is having a great year. Seth is our closer, so I think the coaches will use him in different roles where they see fit, whether it’s in the first game or the last.

VTM: Our contributors have a running debate going. Who is better: Staind or Creed?

Creed, hands down.

VTM: Y’all have already played a couple of Big XII teams this season (Baylor, Oklahoma State and TCU). What sets Texas Tech apart from the rest of the Big XII, baseball wise?

The Big 12 as a whole is a great baseball conference with several quality teams. Clearly, based on rankings and seeding, Tech did a great job in conference this year. Texas Tech has great fans and a great park, as well as great players and coaches. It will be an awesome experience playing in the Lubbock regional.

VTM: What are your predictions for DBU in this tournament?

I expect DBU to come out and play hard, smart baseball, and glorify Christ on and off the field in all that they do. It should be a great regional and we are looking forward to it!

Once again, a huge thanks to Bryce for doing this. Good luck to DBU except when they play Texas Tech!