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POLL: Texas Tech Uniform Tournament, Second Round: #3 vs. #11

#3 Black/Black/Black vs. #11 Black Lone Star Pride

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterfinals of our uniform tournament continue today with a battle between two black home uniforms: one traditional, the other more special. Find yesterday's results here.

The #3 seed is Texas Tech’s standard home uniform, the all blacks. This combo is especially well-liked during night games and/or blackout games. The #11 seed is the all black "Lone Star Pride" uniform worn against Texas in 2014. Mostly black, these incorporate the Texas flag and state of Texas logos as well.

Which combo do you like more? Make sure to vote in the poll below! Voting ends at midnight. The winner of this matchup will advance to the semifinals against tomorrow’s winner of the #2 vs. #7 showdown.

#3 Black/Black/Black

#11 Black Lone Star Pride