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Texas Tech Hoops: A New Commit, a Decommit, and a Player Leaves The Team

More changes for the Red Raider basketball team. Here's your Recruiting Round up for this week and the latest changes to the roster.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

So the total count this week was a net loss, with regard to roster spots, but in all reality probably a net gain for the program. This week Coach Beard signed Anthony Livingston, but lost commit Keon Clergeot and it is rumored that current player Rokas Ulvydas left the program. I am really excited about the signing of Livingston. Check out VTM's Isaiah Lopez's thoughts on him yesterday here.

The departure of Ulvydas, if true, should not come as a shock.

He was supposed to be red shirted during the 2015-2016 season, but Tubby Smith was forced to activate him after the untimely injury to Odiase. Disappointment is the only word that comes to mind when thinking about Ulvydas' contribution last season. While it was hopeful that Coach Smith had a big bodied replacement option nothing ever really materialized. When he entered games all I saw was poor shot selection and foul trouble. I am not saying Ulvydas will not become a good player with age and experience, but I just have not seen him as a good fit with the team. If it is true he has left the program then we wish him nothing but the best at his next stop.

On another note Texas Tech does have a big recruit visit scheduled for June 3rd. Brandone Francis is transferring from the Florida Gators and is still looking for his landing spot. ESPN listed Louisville and Purdue among several other schools that are interested in Francis as well.

Kids decommitting has become common place these days and Coach Beard's program is not immune. Earlier this week the news broke that three star point guard Keon Clergeot will not come to Texas Tech this fall. He committed to Tubby Smith back in October and is a really good player. It is never good to lose a recruit this late, but it happens when you have a coaching change. It should be noted that Tech released him from his commitment so maybe it was a mutual parting of ways. Also Friday afternoon it was announced that Keon has a visit scheduled to Memphis. That's strange right?