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POLL: Texas Tech Uniform Tournament, First Round: #6 vs. #11

#6 Grey/Grey/Grey vs. #11 Black Lone Star Pride

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's results: #4 Black/Red/Red defeated #13 Black/Grey/Black, 85% to 15%

The first round of our uniform tournament continues today with a battle between a pair of unique home uniforms that were pretty polarizing among the Red Raider fan base.

The #6 seed is Texas Tech's all grey uniforms worn in the 2013 victory against TCU. The grey was a brand new look for Tech at the time, and while some fans hated it, others liked it. The #11 seed is the black Lone Star Pride uniform worn against Texas in 2014. These were mostly black with the Texas flag plastered all over. Again, some liked them, some hated them.

Make sure to vote below! Voting ends at midnight. The winner of this matchup will advance to the second round to face tomorrow’s winner of the #3 vs. #14 matchup.

#6 Grey/Grey/Grey

#11 Black Lone Star Pride