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What could be expected from Livingston, our newest Red Raider

Coach Beard has snagged another recruit. This time it's a Grad transfer from Arkansas State. What can he bring to the Red Raiders?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Beard has wasted no time reeling in recruits for his team. His newest recruit, Anthony Livingston is a Grad transfer from Arkansas State. There's some buzz following the announcement that Livingston will be playing ball with the Red Raider this upcoming season. The 6-foot-8 forward produced some notable numbers in his final tour with the Red Wolves recording 15.5 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 0.8 blocks for his season averages. Here are some quick thoughts on what he can bring to Texas Tech.

Veteran leadership

With the departure of Gotcher and Williams, there has been a spot left for a veteran to step up. Although Livingston is new to the family, I believe that the younger guys on the team can rely on Livingston for experience in games and maybe even the postseason. Now him being the outright leader of this team will be up to him and the team, but regardless, having a seasoned player on this team will be a huge help to the young roster.

His talent

I was watching some highlights of his game against Texas State, and this guy can play down-low with ease. He even shot the occasional 3-pointer and looked confident doing it. He have plenty of big men to play out on the court, but I think the best part about picking up Livingston is that we won't skip a beat on the court when he's in the rotation. I think he'll be essential if coach Beard ever wants to go big in a game. His ability to shoot the long ball is a plus too.

I'm excited to watch Livingston play. Referring back to that Texas State game, he was just always competing for the ball, his ability to shoot beyond the arch will stretch the floor out for defenses. He's a great pick-up that will produce. If his numbers are like anything he was posting at Arkansas State, we'll be giving coach Beard a pat on the back for his talent at finding the talent.