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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup, Basketball Edition

Last week Beard landed his second JUCO player and has another big recruit announcing his decision on Monday.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

At this point it is pretty apparent that Beard has no problem taking players from the JUCO ranks and over the last couple of weeks he has signed two. Personally I like this because it brings in proven players that can make an immediate impact on the team. This team is ready to win now so bringing in upperclassmen to continue the run makes perfect sense. With that being said 2017 recruiting will and should be a totally different story.

Shadell Millinghaus signed with Texas Tech last week after playing junior college ball at Northwest Florida State College. Out of high school he played at Southern Miss, but ended up transferring to NFSC. According to the NFSC website he is listed at 6'2 and 200 pounds which is a decent size for a guard. While I do not see Millinghaus being inserted into the starting five rotation he will bring the team some much needed depth for ball handling and scoring off the bench.

After the signing of Millinghaus I figured that would be it for roster spots on the 2016-2017 squad, but earlier this week Eron Gordon, a high school senior from Indianapolis, announced he will make his college decision on Monday evening. Gordon has narrowed it down to 4 schools (Texas Tech, Seton Hall, Maryland, and Missouri). What little information I can find seems to indicate Seton Hall may be the favorite. Guess we will have to wait and see on Monday night.

Here is more on new commit Shadell Milinghaus:

Northwest Florida State College Stats

PPG 16.9
RPG 5.2
SPG 1.7
FT % 71.1
3 PT % 31.3

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