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Texas Tech Clinches Share Of Big XII Baseball Title

Happenings in the Big XII have given Texas Tech a share of the title already.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With the Oklahoma State loss last night, Texas Tech is now guaranteed a share of the Big XII title.

All that needs to happen for Red Raider baseball to clinch the title outright is a simple win next weekend vs. WVU, or for Oklahoma State to lose one of its five remaining conference games.

I know, I know, we're #NotDoneYet and all that, but this is still a cause for a mild celebration. This is the first time since '97 that Tech has won a share of the title. We set a school record for consecutive wins this year. Most major pundits had us picked in the fourth to sixth range. We're 10-2 on the road in conference.

No, we're not done yet, because this team has bigger aspirations. I'm talking potentially College World Series aspirations. We might even host a regional. This could potentially be one of the first steps in a truly memorable season.

For this weekend only, go Oklahoma. I'm ready to write the title, "Texas Tech Wins Big XII Baseball Title Outright".