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March Madness Is Coming

Come test your skills against the writers and other readers of VTM in picking the winner of the Big Dance

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With Selection Sunday just a few days away, the March Madness brackets will be filled out across the country in various workplaces, radio stations, and multiple online platforms. We invite you to join with us and play for bragging rights in one or both of the bracket challenges that are set up.

Fox Sports Bracket Challenge

The first group is your normal style challenge, using the same website that was used in the football pick em. The rules are rather straight forward, with correct picks receiving more points the further into the tournament. No bonus points will be awarded for upset picks or upset seed bonuses.

Realtime Bracket Challenge

The second type of challenge is a bit more different, and in my personal opinion, more fun if you have the time to pay attention to the games, especially in the early rounds. With the RTB, you pick your full bracket, but can change your picks during the game. Sounds like cheating, right? The catch is you will receive less points if you change your decision after the game involved has started. If one of your Final Four teams loses in the 1st round, just change your bracket. A round 1 loss doesn't completely annihilate your bracket, like it does in your standard competition. You won;t gain as many points, but you won't be completely out of it.

Feel free to join either or both groups, and if you have any questions, post them in the comments, or find me on the twitter, @Jon1443. Brackets will be announced Sunday March 13th, so lets have some fun!!!