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Enemy Q+A: Oklahoma State

It's been a while, here's another perspective on things from Cowboys Ride For Free.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hey y'all. We fired off some questions on the Oklahoma State Cowboys off to our good friends at Cowboys Ride For Free. Here's how they answered.

1. Besides Juwan Evans, who should we look out for on Saturday and why?

CRFF: No one. Kind of kidding, Jeffrey Carrol can get hot at times and Jeff Newberry will create shots, regardless if they go in or not then there's Leyton Hammonds who will just stand on the wing and score eight points in the first 10 minutes and two the rest of the game.

2. Is Travis Ford’s seat getting hot, and if so, how hot?

CRFF: Yes. It's hotter than Halle Berry was as Catwoman.

3. What are the technical reasons that have led to the Cowboy’s struggles this season?

CRFF: Just no shooters really. They play defense well and occasionally will get hot from the field but it's pretty bad. A lot of fouls. A lot of turnovers. A lot of missed shots.

4. If Ford does get the can, who replaces him?

CRFF: Right now the popular vote is for Doug Gottlieb. He played here, holds the assist record, comes from a family of coaching and also played under Eddie Sutton. Odds are he'd be better than Ford and wouldn't be as expensive. I've also seen the Greg Marshal be put in the mix but I've been told he doesn't want to leave where he's at.

5. How do you see the rest of the season playing out for the Cowboys?

CRFF: They have 12 wins now and they'll have 12 wins when the season ends. If they win another game, something went terribly wrong for another team.

6. How do you think tomorrow’s matchup with the Red Raiders will go?

CRFF:Tech and OSU are similar in the sense that they struggled for a lot of the conference season. OSU will find a way to make the first half semi-interesting but that's it. After the break Tech runs away and it's a 15-30-point win.

Huge thanks to one of the Managing Editors of CRFF, Gerald Tracy, who answered these questions for us.