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Some Things That Have Happened Since Texas Tech Beat A Top 5 Ranked Opponent

It's been a long time since this happened.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Texas Tech beat #3 Oklahoma. It was the first time Texas Tech had beaten a Top 5 ranked opponent since the Red Raiders beat the Longhorns in 2008. Here's a list of things that have happened in that timespan.

  • Brett Favre retired
  • The iPad debuted
  • Steph Curry was drafted into the NBA
  • Instagram and SnapChat were launched
  • Lebron went from Cleveland, to Miami, back to Cleveland
  • Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson
  • Monday Night Football went from ABC to ESPN
  • George Steinbrenner died
  • Organic matter was found on one of Saturn's moons
  • Barack Obama was officially inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States
  • BP spilled a colossal amount of oil in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Facebook filed for an IPO
  • Peyton Manning was traded to the Broncos, had neck surgery, then won a Super Bowl
  • Nelson Mandela died
  • The first recreational Marijuana stores opened in Colorado
  • The Ebola craze came and left in the United States
  • The Cubs got actually kinda good at baseball
  • Tommy Tuberville left recruits at the 50 Yard Line restaurant to go to Cincinatti
  • Mack Brown was fired at Texas
  • Manti Te'o introduced the world to the term "Catfishing"
  • Kobe Bryant announced his intent to retire
Thank you, Texas Tech Men's Basketball, for a wonderful last week and a half, and a fantastic run to come. This team is not done yet, but we can take a day as fans to look back at the history that was accomplished last night.