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We're Watching Texas Tech Mature Before Our Very Eyes

One of the biggest knocks on a young Texas Tech team has been their maturity. This past week, we've watched them grow up.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, a couple of the VTM writers and myself met up to watch the hoops game last night. We were all still understandably fired up from our upset win at home vs. Iowa State, but none of us had a particularly good feeling about this one. Baylor was ranked in the top 25, we were playing them on the road, and Texas Tech is infamously known for its consistency issues.

At halftime, when the game was still close, we weren't that optimistic. This was a trend that we had seen before. Texas Tech plays a great first half, but makes some key mistakes down the stretch that ultimately spell an 8-point loss. This is a scenario that's replayed itself time and time again. What we saw from our Texas Tech Red Raiders astounded us.

They played almost perfectly, using stifling defense and a consistent offense to get an 18 point win over a ranked team on the road. To say this win was big is an understatement. To say it was the most important win of all time is an overstatement. Saying that it was a huge win that spells the difference between getting into March Madness is accurate.

Over this year, we've seen the maturity issues with this young team. We've missed game-winning shots. We've had dumb penalties. We've had costly turnovers. Last night, we saw the maturation of what is becoming a dangerous team.

Texas Tech is no longer a pushover. We're not the guys who fold down the stretch anymore. You can't simply hope to weather the storm and outlast us. We're here to stay. Texas Tech is growing up, and the entire Big XII Conference will feel the ripple effects.