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Texas Tech Coaching Staff as Judge Judy Cast

Innocent until proven guilty.

NCAA Football: Baylor vs Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

For some particular coaches and coordinators, this next football season is going to be their judgement day. Just like the show Judge Judy, this football season was hard to watch at times. So, who would the Tech coaching staff be if they were members of that particular show? Let’s go down the list and find out the final verdict.

Kliff Kingsbury (Head Coach): Judge Judy. Both sides of the equation are going at it, but when it’s all said and done, the judge gets the final word. All eyes are on him when things aren’t going well and it’s up to him to restore order to the courtroom.

David Gibbs (Defensive Coordinator): Defendant. Besides the “defense” correlation, this is also the side that gets scrutinized and blamed first. Especially with Texas Tech. When things aren’t going right, the defense gets the first blame, even though he didn’t make the final decisions. Just like the defendant, he does as well as he possibly can with what he has to work with, but at the end of the day it still might not be enough to get the W.

Eric Morris (Offensive Coordinator): Plaintiff. Well, needless to say, he wins most of the time. Even during a less than favorable season like this past one, he never get’s blamed because he is in the best position to win. Also, like with the media, the judge usually favors this side of the battle.

Joe Robinson (Special Teams Coordinator): The audience. They react with what the offense and defense does, and depending on what they do it could make or break the whole game. If it all goes well, no-one bats an eye, but if something out of ordinary happens it could leave you laughing about it or scratching your head.

Rusty Whitt (Strength and Conditioning Coach): Bailiff. For obvious reasons, he’s tough, muscular, and intimidating. If something were to go down he could throw down. Armed with his go-to guns, thunder and lightning. He also doesn’t get a whole lot of credit when things go smoothly. He is an crucial cog in the machine, but he often gets overlooked.

Kirby Hocutt (Athletic Director): Jerry Bishop, the announcer. He’s calm, collected, and always sounds sophisticated. He decides who comes and goes.

People make weird correlations between things all the time, and this one might be a stretch, but I figured it would bring you at least a little bit of entertainment. I love that show, and I love this team, there’s a correlation that works perfectly.