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2016’s Best of the Air Raid Podcast

The Most Listened to Podcasts of 2016


Though all of our favorite sports have struggled at times this year, creating frustration in all of us, the Air Raid Podcast has given us a great platform to vent our frustrations, air our grievances and at times, bring some common sense into the discussion.

It’s been my great pleasure of being in charge of the podcast, in one form or another, the past year and a half and has allowed me to get to know some great VTM staffers you’ve come to love... or strongly dislike depending on how much you agree with them. Drew and Eric commenting on the Red Raider’s basketball run to the tournament earlier this year, to Jonathan, Brice, Kyle and myself rambling about DH vs No DH during baseball season. It’s always in good fun and a lot of it is to provoke more discussion than anything else.

In the past year though, we have had the opportunity to not only share our own thoughts and opinions (facts) on various things, we’ve also had the great fortune of bringing in some Red Raiders to share what they see in Tech Athletics and share their stories from when they played. Including, Tramain Swindall, Mickey Peters, Steven Sheffield, Ryan Aycock, “The” Brian Duncan, aka, Pastor Duncan, Lyle Leong, Houston Miller, and Allie Murphy.

So today, as 2016 winds down, we thought we’d compile the most listened to podcasts this year as our BEST of 2016. Enjoy!

Alumni Podcast #2

Alumni Podcast #1

2016 Football Spring Game

MBB Wins 2 vs Top 25 and Previews OU (UPSET)

Really wanted to add the NSD stuff, the ISU debacle and coaching candidates and of course the Coaching Carousel from late last year, but we’ll just keep the list at the very top.

Hope everyone enjoys re-listening to these and thank you for your support for us and all things Texas Tech.