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How to survive the off season

The winter is dark and cold and it is upon us.

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Since November 25th we have been living in the darkest season of the year: the off season. During the off season we have no new Patrick Mahomes touchdowns, no new play calling to question, and saddest of all we have no Tech football.

As of today there are 258 days until Tech opens up 2017 with Eastern Washington in Lubbock. That sounds like a long time, and it is, but with my help, together we can survive the dark times when Tech football goes away.

To survive the grueling off season, I’ve devised a simple few step program to guide you through the darkness and into the light that is football season.

STEP 1: Hold on to any college football you have in front of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s Northwestern Alaska State Poly Tech School For The Left-Handed. Drink in all the glory that is bowl season, for it too will soon be gone.

Pay most attention to the Big 12 bowls so you can throw proper shade next season. Don’t throw shade when Tech misses a bowl, you won’t win that smack talking war.

STEP 2: Texas Tech plays sports other than football. Try engaging in basketball season, and later, maybe baseball! These sports bring great enjoyment to Red Raiders young and old.

It may not be football, but these teams are actually highly competitive and will likely finish in better standing than the football team did this season.

STEP 3: Stay glued on the recruiting trail and off season coaching changes. The conference will have no shortage of coaching changes. Recruiting, like always, is a great way to get your fix of football news.

It’s too bad only one place covers Tech recruiting but you’re lucky it’s the esteemed folks here at Viva the Matadors. Check here for all your Texas Tech recruiting needs.

STEP 4: Remember that you’ve done this before many times and you’ll be ok. It doesn’t get any easier each year, but each year does teach us new ways to survive the dreadful off season.