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Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

Who’s up, who’s down?

As another week passes, let’s see if there was a shift of power or a changing of the guards.

  1. Baylor (8-0): Last week’s ranking, 1. Winning is winning, and that’s what they keep doing. You can’t put someone above a team that hasn’t lost yet.
  2. Kansas (9-1): Last week’s ranking, 3. Still sitting their with one loss, but they handled Nebraska fairly easily while others may not have won so convincingly. Beating Nebraska 89-72.
  3. Kansas State (9-1): Last week’s ranking, 6. Kansas State has always been a sneaky team, and through the early part of the season they are hanging around the top. That took care of business against Washington State by the score of 70-56.
  4. Texas Tech (8-1): Last week’s ranking, 4. They absolutely destroyed UTSA, but they did what they were supposed to, so no movement here. Texas Tech 82-50 over UTSA.
  5. West Virginia (8-1): Last week’s ranking, 5. Same story as Texas Tech. They blew VMI out of the water, but again, they took care of business the way they were supposed to. West Virginia 90. VMI, 55.
  6. TCU (9-1): Last weeks ranking, 2. It’s hard to separate all of these one loss teams, so since they didn’t blow out their opponent they fall beneath the other one loss teams. TCU topples Wofford 72-63.
  7. Oklahoma State (7-2): Last week’s ranking, 7. They were able to survive Tulsa and put another tally in the win column. Sometimes you just have to find a way to get it done, and that they did. Oklahoma State over Tulsa, 71-67
  8. Oklahoma (6-3): Last week’s ranking, 9. Despite the loss to Wichita State they found hard against a solid basketball squad. They move up a spot for playing a close game against a good team. Oklahoma falls to the Shockers 73-76.
  9. Iowa State (6-3): Last week’s ranking, 8. After being handled pretty well by the in-state rival Iowa, they fall one spot just due to the fact that they lost. Iowa over Iowa State, 78-64.
  10. Texas (5-4): Last week’s ranking 10. Sitting just above 500, and struggled to beat Long Beach State. Texas still being at the bottom shouldn’t surprise anyone. Texas struggles to put away Long Beach, 71-65.