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Wednesday Matador Mailbag 11.30.16

Fresh mail for you fans!

Football season might be over, but there is still plenty of Texas Tech Athletics news fans wanted to ask us. Let's jump right into what they had to ask us this week!

Sorry to hear that.

It's hard to tell because the season just ended. I will say this: if Kingsbury has another season like this next year, I think Kirby Hocutt might need to truly consider making a change. I think this team will go 7-5 next year based on the number of games they barely lost this season. If Patrick Mahomes comes back, I give them an even better record at 8-4 maybe even 9-3. All I can say is, next year Kingsbury has to have a good season or a change might be coming next year.

It's hard to tell right now and there is the possibility he could return for his senior year. Even though Mel Kiper Jr. has him ranked as the number two QB prospect behind Davis Webb, I don't believe Mahomes is a first-round pick. In my eyes, he's still a bit of a project and not franchise quarterback material teams like the Browns or the Jets are looking for. If he does enter the draft, I think he will be taken somewhere in the 3rd or 4th round.

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