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Thursday Matador Mailbag 11.03.16

After a big win against TCU on Saturday, let's see what Red Raider fans had to ask us for this week's mailbag!

It's that time of the week! Let's see what Red Raider fans had to ask us for Wednesday's mailbag.

I would imagine there will be quite a few boos from the student section. Fans have seen what Hager said and know he's someone they can single out. Fans should be pumped for this game anyway because it's Texas, but his comments only add fuel to the fire for this rivalry game.

I would have to say Jordyn Brooks has shown the most promise this season. While Texas Tech's defense has struggled all year, with the exception of last's week's game, Brooks has started every game and seem's to be in on every tackle. I think he and D'Vonta Hinton can be a solid linebacker duo to build around.

I sure hope not. I think it depends on how the rest of the season goes. If Tech goes 4-8 or 5-7 (no bowl), I believe Mahomes stays. I don't think NFL scouts are looking very hard at him right now because Tech is a marginal team. If Tech wins out and finishes 8-4, then maybe Mahomes considers leaving a year early. Right now though, I think he's staying for his senior year.

If they can beat Texas I think they definitely can. If they don't, I think they'll finish 5-7. After Texas, the only game that looks winnable to me is Iowa State. Oklahoma State and Baylor are both teams Tech hasn't beaten in a long time and based on how this season has gone, I don't see those losing streaks coming to an end.

Texas is 103rd overall in total defense. They have been struggling all year on that side of the ball. I know this past game wasn't the typical Tech offense we are used to. However, Kliff and his team are facing a weaker defense and I can't imagine Pat Mahomes and the offense not putting up some solid numbers. It may not be 500+ yards, but I think somewhere between 300 and 450 will be enough to beat Texas on the offensive side of the ball. Let's hope last week's defense shows up too.

T.J. Vasher has been nursing an injury he suffered early in the season. He played in Tech's first game vs. Stephen F. Austin and had two catches for nine yards, but since then he's been relegated to the sideline.

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