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Texas Tech Offensive Grades: Baylor

The Red Raiders' offense came to play against the rival Baylor Bears!

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech ended a rather disappointing season on a high note, beating the Baylor Bears for the first time since 2010 to finish 5-7. The Air Raid offense was on full display for a national TV audience as they scored 54 points and racked up 666 total yards. I know, scary! Let's hand out those grades for the final time this season!

Overall Grade: A

When you rack up that many yards, score that many points and win by double digits, you're primed to get a good grade from me. This offensive performance reminded me that this group is capable of playing at a high level and it was great to see them come out hot after an embarrassing loss against to Iowa State. Patrick Mahomes had a great game in what could've been his last one at Tech, the running game led by Da'Leon Ward helped move the chains, and the receivers made some big plays in the passing game.

Quarterback Grade: A+

Mahomes had his best game of the season in my eyes. He did not turn the ball over, he made good reads and decisions, and he stood in the pocket to make the big plays. He shifted away from the "streetball" style of play and it paid off in this big win. Mahomes went 30 of 46 for 586 yards and threw six touchdowns, tying a career high. If this was his final game, he went out in style!

Running Backs Grade: A-

Da'Leon Ward had a bounce-back game after struggling last week in Ames. He carried the ball 20 times for 82 yards and rushed for one touchdown. Justin Stockton also chipped in with four carries for 12 yards. As it has been all year, the running game was not spectacular but it helped the Red Raiders move the sticks to sustain long scoring drives.

Wide Receivers Grade: A+

The receivers stepped up for Mahomes big this week after struggling against ISU last week. Keke Coutee continues to impress me week after week as he had a monster game. He had eight catches for 221 yards and two receiving touchdowns. Those are the best stats a Tech receiver has put up this season! Dylan Cantrell also had a great game with nine catches for 111 yards and two touchdowns. Jonathan Giles had four catches 82 yards and a score of his own. Freshman Quan Shorts also caught his first touchdown of the year on an 81-yard strike. Needless to say, the wide receivers had a great day against Baylor's secondary.

Offensive Line Grade: A-

There were a few penalties committed, but the o-line really stepped up for Mahomes after having trouble protecting him pretty much the whole year. He was sacked twice, but had plenty of time to make big plays down the field. Hopefully the young guys on this o-line continue to improve going into next season.

Despite not being bowl-eligible at 5-7, Texas Tech definitely ended the season on a high note. I hope this performance gives this team confidence going into next season. Thank you all for reading my offensive grades pieces each week during this season. I greatly appreciate it!