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Q&A: Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State

A preview of tomorrow, from a Cowboy’s perspective...

Oklahoma State  v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Cade Webb from our Oklahoma State sister site with SB Nation, Cowboys Ride For Free, gave us his thoughts on tomorrow’s matchup. I asked, he answered. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: I have Oklahoma State #1 in my power rankings, and was impressed by their win over West Virginia. Am I right to be that high on them?

Cade: I think they are without a doubt one of the top two teams in the conference. You could most certainly make a case for them at #1, which is where I have them as well. The offense is firing on all cylinders and the defense is coming up clutch when it counts. They are a very tough out, and could give OU a run for the top spot in the conference.

Q: What are Oklahoma State's strengths and weaknesses on defense? And as a follow up, do you think they will contain Texas Tech or be exploited?

Cade: The strength of the OSU defense is in the defensive line. While they gave up over 300 yards on the ground last week against Kansas State, I wouldn't put that on the defensive line. They are legitimately three deep in the tackle spot and are able to clog up the middle. Their weakness is, without a doubt, the secondary. They tend to gamble a bit and make a lot of plays, but also give up their fair share.

I don't necessarily expect them to "contain" Texas Tech, but I don't think they'll get boat raced. West Virginia was only able to muster 20 points on OSU. I think a lot of it depends on which OSU defense shows up. On senior day, expect a tough performance.

Q: What are Mason Rudolph's NFL prospects looking like right now? There seemed to be some hype around him at the beginning of the year.

Cade: I'd say they are as high as they've been since he's taken over as the Pokes QB. Mel Kiper has him as a top 10 QB in the draft. While that's all fun and good, if OSU doesn't win the Big 12 this year, I expect him to return. He doesn't really strike me as a guy who will jump at the money. OSU returns nearly everyone next season, so maybe they have aspirations of something larger than just a conference title. However, if he wanted to go pro, I have no doubt he would succeed very early in his career.

Q: How much of an impact will the crowd in Stillwater have on the game? Tech hasn't won there in 15 years.

Cade: Expect nothing less than a rowdy environment on Saturday. OSU has to essentially win out, and I think everybody understands what is at stake. They also understand what Texas Tech is capable of. Boone Pickens Stadium, when hosting a big matchup, is one of the toughest venues in the conference. There's a reason not many teams win there. On senior day, against that Tech offense, I'm positive that the crowd will come ready to roll.

Q: What type of game will we see on Saturday, and what's your score prediction?

Cade: I expect something like what we saw the last time Tech was in Stillwater. I don't think we will see another 70-53 style game, but I do expect some points to be put on the board by both teams. I don't think Tech has the defense to keep up, and I expect OSU's to come up with some stops. I'll take Oklahoma State 55-31 on senior day.


Q: To what extent is Oklahoma State's "Xerox U" nickname well-deserved?

Cade: I don't believe it is deserved, but I see where the perception lies. OSU doesn't claim to invent finger guns, but the "Orange Power" chant is a tradition at OSU. We don't throw tortillas, so we've got that going for us. (This is my VTM-friendly answer)

Q: Can you believe how whiney Baker Mayfield is?

Cade: No, I really can't. He is the Florida-Georgia Line of College Football. The Bryce Harper of College Football. He is, quite simply, the worst. What kills me is that he can't seem to figure out why he has haters... I can think of a few reasons.

Q: Do you prefer flour or corn tortillas (both to eat and throw)?

Cade: I prefer a nice, homemade flour tortilla. To be honest though, it depends on what meat is inside. If it's steak, give me corn. If it's chicken, give me flour. To throw, I'll take corn without a doubt. I would imagine that the general rigidity of corn tortillas allows for a more consistent flight.

Q: Like Tech, Oklahoma State seems to have some really cool and really awful uniform combinations. Which is your favorite? Least favorite?

Cade: Okay, first off, all of our uniforms are amazing. We didn't go with those Lone Star Pride threads, after all ... I kid, I kid. The worst look that OSU has is the all-orange look. We haven't seen that in multiple seasons for good reason. It's horrid. And I'm not sure if I can give you my single favorite look, but I can narrow it down: All White, Black Helmet/Orange Jersey/Black Pants, All Black. Easy enough!