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Thursday Matador Mailbag 11.10.16

It's Oklahoma State week! Time to see what fans had to ask us!

The Red Raiders are preparing for a tough Big 12 game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Let's see what fans asked us for this week's mailbag!

I think the only game Tech wins the rest of this season is against Iowa State. Right now they are 1-8 and winless in Big 12 play. Tech has beaten the Cyclones four years in a row and I believe they make it five this year.

The o-line has not performed well this year for the most part. I think Tech's o-line will be better with these two starting. Both are good recruits and I believe they can make an impact right away.

According to an article I read, Gibbs' contract is set to expire on January 5, 2017. His contract is a two-year deal he signed on January 5, 2015. I'm not sure what the next move is, but I would guess right now that Gibbs might get an extension. I feel he's starting to get some solid young guys on defense and I would hate to see another defensive coordinator fired. The only way I feel Tech is going to get better on defense is if they keep Gibbs and let him develop the talent he has.

I don't think Mahomes is regressing, I believe the shoulder injury and the fact Tech throws a lot are taking a toll on his body. He's an exceptionally talented quarterback, it's just unfortunate he's been hurt, the o-line is not protecting him well, and the defense has not played well when they need to.

I think the odds are in Tech's favor. Jackson has Tech right now at the top of his list and he seems like a good fit. He's a four-star recruit and has a chance to play on an offense where he could shine. Tech always seems to have talented receivers starting or sitting on the bench. Drue could definitely succeed here if he decides to pull the trigger.

Thank you all for submitting your questions for this week's Matador Mailbag! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and look for our mailbag tweet so you can be featured next week.