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Wednesday Matador Mailbag 10.05.16

It's Wednesday! Time to check out what Red Raider fans had to ask us for this week's mailbag!

Mailbag time! It's time to check out what Red Raider fans had to ask us for this week's Matador Mailbag. Let's jump right into it!

At the beginning of this season I was thinking 8-4 maybe 9-3 if we're lucky. I'm still sticking by my prediction of an 8-4 season, but right now I don't expect us to have one of those magical seasons where we get very hot and start beating every Big 12 team in our path. Every game we play the rest of this season will be tough since we've hit conference play.

I think right now the coaching staff's main focus is on sharpening fundamentals like tackling and just trying to make fewer mistakes in coverage. I think to really fix this defense, David Gibbs needs better talent, especially in the secondary. Some of the new recruits like safety Cam Jones, if they stay true to Texas Tech, will help out a lot.  

I don't think right now Kingsbury is planning to use Jett Duffey this season. Nic Shimonek played well after Mahomes' injury and I think they will go with him at quarterback this week if Pat can't play. I don't think they feel the need to burn his redshirt if they already have a backup quarterback who can play well while Mahomes is out.

As far as Dimitri Moore, I'm not sure if we can land him. 247 Sports has Tech listed as "warm" on his list of schools after him. However, there are seven teams ahead of Tech on the list and I have no idea when or if he plans to visit. Riko Jeffers on the other hand looks like a real possibility. 247 Sports also has Tech listed as "warm" on his school list and we are the second team listed behind Kansas State. Tech could definitely use both of these linebacker recruits, but I think we only land one and that might be Jeffers.

Thank you all for submitting your questions to be featured in this week's Matador Mailbag! Make sure to follow us on Twitter so your questions can be answered in next week's mailbag. Enjoy the game against Kansas State!