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Suns Up Guns Up: Huge Weekend For Texas Tech Football

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

P.S.A. to all my fellow Red Raiders: Set your alarms for Saturday morning, cause you’re going to need them. 11am kickoff, and it might end up being one of the biggest games of the year (minus personally grudges), and potentially the turning point of our season.

West Virginia is coming to town with their sparkling record of 4-0. As of 10:45 on Wednesday night, October 12th, the line is EVEN. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited for this weekend. If Red Raider Nation can manage to get up early, this one’s going to be exciting.

This game may very well be the turning point of our still relatively young season, for better or for worse. If we lose, we will drop to 3-3, and probably out of the Big 12 race for good, unless something bizarre happens. However, if we win, we will be at 4-2, and would have given one of the two undefeated teams a defeat. Which would put us right back in the mix. I truly believe that the winner of the Big 12 will end up having 2 loses. We have to start winning big games at some point, and that point needs to be Saturday.

Another thing that I am going to love about Saturday is that if we do end up winning (knock on wood), we can be home by 3:30 and watch the rest of the games. It’s an early game, but if we can manage to pack the Jones and make our home field advantage as strong as possible, this game could be better than people are expecting. It goes back to my point that I made in one of my past articles, everyone in the Big 12 is beatable this year. No one is dominant, much less running away with the conference. Even Baylor who is 5-0 has gotten really lucky in a couple of their games.

I think the fact that it’s an 11am game is going to cause someone to get off to a slow start, I’m just hoping that someone is West Virginia. I predict that Mahomes is going to come our slinging the ball around, like he usually does, but this week will be different than usual. He will be trying to prove to the critics that Texas Tech is the real deal, while probably continuing to put up Heisman numbers. It will be two high flying offenses going against each other, and I have no doubt that this team, lead by Mahomes, has the capability to win if it turns into a shoot out.

I honestly think that we have a good shot to win, I’m not going to fill your brain with statistical proof, but I have a good feeling about Saturday’s game. It will bring a whole new meaning to suns up guns up. Hopefully the Red Raider faithful will come out in full force and make it a hostile (but still classy) environment. This is the part of the season where we could string together loses, or we could string together some wins, because there are certainly no “easy” games anymore. Even the weaker teams in the conference have shown the ability to hang with the big dogs.

It’s going to be a very influential game, with much more riding on the outcome than just wins and loses. So here’s to what will hopefully be a great weekend of football. Come early, stay late, and let’s get loud!