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Saturday Will Be A Big Day For Texas Tech Recruiting

The Red Raiders will play host not only to the Mountaineers but a handful of recruits as well.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech squares off against West Virginia this weekend, but the battle on the field won't be the only one. The Red Raiders will be hosting a handful of recruits, some committed and some still undecided.

That's a lot of guys and that's not even everyone that I can think of. A more concrete list will soon come out as well, so keep your eyes out on the Twitter machine. It's nice that there will be a good mix of committed and undecided guys in Lubbock. A lot of the times the committed guys almost serve as hosts and can show recruits around. Bronson Boyd and Jack Anderson appear to be locks and I'm sure these guys will help out a lot with recruiting throughout the season. I believe Xavier Martin will also be in attendance, so this weekend there will be a ton of talent in the Jones.

VTM viewers if you're at the game, see if you can spot some of these guys!