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Texas Tech Football Can Make A Name For Itself On Saturday

The Frogs roll into Lubbock on Saturday. What's the storyline for the Red Raiders?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's storyline was "Prove it." The Red Raiders did just that. They proved they weren't the same 4-8 team of last season. Sure, Arkansas may not be the Top 25 team pundits thought they would be before the season started, but Fayetteville isn't an easy place to play and any road win over an SEC school is a good win. Last year's team wouldn't have won that game. Now with that win under their belt, the ante is upped. A better team and more meaningful game now await the Red Raiders on Saturday so the storyline has changed for this week.

Saturday's Storyline: Make a name for yourself.

The Red Raiders have proven they are a good team, but how good can they be? Will they take the next step from a good team to a team that is a force in the Big 12? This game gives them the opportunity to do just that and make a name for themselves.

TCU hasn't been striking fear into the opponents quite like they did last year and sure they have lost some starters for various reasons. Don't kid yourself though, they are a good team. You can count on two things from Gary Patterson every Saturday. First, he will look like Grimace.

Second, he will field a formidable defense no matter what players are at his disposal. Also, the offense is flush with player makers like Doctson, Listenbee, Green and of course Boykin. A loss means doesn't mean the end of the road. However after the excitement the team built with last week's win a loss would definitely be disappointing.

The lure of sports is on full display with this game. That lure is that no matter what is written, thought or prognosticated by buffoons on four-letter networks, the games have to be played and anything is possible. Buster Douglas can beat Mike Tyson. USA hockey can beat the Russians. We are far from that type of setting on Saturday but the point is this is why we watch sports. To see our teams succeed when others say they can't. Before the season started, very few folks would have expected the Red Raiders to be 3-0 and even fewer would have been predicted 4-0. Fast forward to today and there is a realistic chance Tech is 4-0 after this game. How sweet would the Kool-aid taste after a 4-0 start? I hope we find out.

Prediction: I can't say all of that and then not predict a Red Raider victory. I think the game is a little less high scoring game then some think. Tech's offense continues it early season success. Gibbs' defense comes up with a few big turnovers and that is the difference in the game. Tech wins 52-41.