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Texas Tech 2015 Football Predictions

In the second of three installments of season predictions, Matt, Conner and Jonathan give us their 2015 season predictions.

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In a bonus addition of the Raider Read this week, we have more season predictions. Matt, Conner and Jonathan predict how the Red Raider season will play out.

Matt's Prediction

I mentioned in an Air Raid podcast that anything less than a bowl game would be unacceptable.  Offensively we should be able to consistently put points on the board putting pressure on the opposition.  Defensively, a new scheme should help create turnovers and we return good experience and talent on the defensive line as well as the secondary.

We'll start the season off with two lopsided victories over Sam Houston St. and UTEP.  A trip up to Fayetteville against a dark horse national title contender in Arkansas will result in our first loss of the season as we go into Big 12 play.

Last year's game against TCU couldn't have been worse.  We'll compete this year but the Horned Frogs will give us our first losing streak of the season.  We will rebound against Baylor in Arlington the following week getting us back over .500 where we will stay for the remainder of the year.  The rest of the season will play out as we would expect with wins vs. ISU, @Kansas, @WVU and vs. KSU and losses @OU and @UT.  The wild card, which I gave us the edge b/c they can't beat us 7x in a row, is a win vs. OSU.

Final record: 8-4

Conner's Prediction

Typically, I am someone who "drinks the Kool-Aid" before one of my favorite sports teams start their season. However, this season for Tech football I am not extremely optimistic. Make no mistake, Tech has improved. (Especially along the D-line.) Coach Gibbs will lead a revival of the defense, but it will take more than one off-season to rebuild that unit. Also, none of the other Big 12 teams have gotten considerably worse than last year, except possibly Kansas State. I expect Tech to go 2-1 in non-conference, and 4-6 in Big 12 play. That brings the Red Raiders back to bowl eligibility. Albeit, not a great bowl, but a bowl game nonetheless. Here's where the "Kool-Aid" factor kicks in. Tech will finish their season on a high-note and win their bowl game!

Final Record: 6-6 with a bowl win pushing us to 7-6

Jonathan's Prediction

Since last season ended, the thought of how this season will be played out has been ever present in my mind. And my thoughts about how it will go down have been as up and down as a typical ideology of a politician. The "experts" seem to be in the same boat as I've seen reports of a 4-8 prediction all the way to Tech being a dark horse and making a run at the Big 12, similar to last year's Horned Frogs. After much thought, I'm starting to feel pretty optimistic about this year's team. The biggest strength this team has is how many returning starters we have, with 9 on offense and 8 on defense. Our offensive line should be strong, with only 1 new player scheduled to start. Both QB's are another year smarter, and I believe will flourish, no matter who gets the start. The defense should be bolstered by a couple great additions and the entire secondary coming back. Pete Robertson, already an active player, should flourish in Gibb's up-tempo defense.

As for the schedule itself, the first 2 games should be comfortable wins, but the following 3 games will be tough. Even if we do lose all 3 (which is very possible), as long as the team and coaching staff have a short memory those 3 weeks and do not allow any mental lapses, I think we rebound very strong and start winning in-conference like all the Red Raider fans know we can. A big win in Norman followed by a win on a Halloween night game (hopefully) at The Jones gives the young team some much needed momentum going into November. The bye week, however, saps some of that and we lose a close Thanksgiving night game.

Final Record: 8-4