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Texas Tech Visual History: Marsha Sharp

We take a look back at Coach Marsha Sharp's career!

Paul Abell/Getty Images

In this companion piece to Monday's History Lesson on former Lady Raiders' head coach, Marsha Sharp, we take a look back to some of her moments at Texas Tech.

In a 2011 interview, she talked about her role with Kay Yow, and her (then) new role as assistant athletic director role, and briefly about her coaching career at Tech.

Fast forward to the 1:18:35 mark in this video and you will see what is, perhaps, the most lasting image of Coach Sharp. With about 6 seconds left in the game, she knows her Lady Raiders have become the top team the women's college basketball. She's making sure her assistants know too!

This is an inside look at the Marsha Sharp Center for Student-Athletes. What an impressive facility!

There you have it, a look at what all Coach Marsha Sharp has done for not only the Lady Raiders, but all Texas Tech athletes and the community at large. I hope you have enjoyed this look back at the greatest coach in Texas Tech history!