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Texas Tech Win Total

History tells us Tech will most likely end up at 7-5 or 6-6.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The not-so-burning preseason questions continue in the Raider Read after a one-day hiatus.

Question #3: How much have teams been able to improve their win totals the past two seasons and what does it mean for Tech's chances to improve upon their 4-8 record?

I know all Red Raider fans would love to see our team bounce back with a 14-0 season and a national championship. I think we can pretty easily wrap our heads around that not being a realistic goal coming off of a four-win season. Just in case anyone thinks it is realistic goal, last season four teams (3.2% of FBS teams) increased their win total by 6 or more wins. Air Force and TCU increased their win total by eight while Western Michigan and UTEP increased their win total by seven. Here's the breakdown for all teams that increased their win total from 2013 to 2014.

Those stats tell me we are more than likely going to end up increasing our win total by three or less. About 25% of the FBS schools were able to do that last season. Only 11% of the FBS teams were able to increase their win total by four or more wins. This is pretty much how I see our season shaping up. I expect a 7-5 record but if things fall right for us we could end up 8-4. If for some reason things get stacked against us, we end up 6-6.