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Texas Tech Media Day Tweets

Here's a recap of the best tweets from yesterday's Tech Media Days.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With players reporting to fall camp today and practice starting tomorrow, both players and coaches met with the media yesterday. I compiled a list of the best tweets from media day.

Mike Mitchell has official changed positions.

Part of the reason for Mitchell's move is incoming freshman D'Vonta Hinton. It will be really impressive if Hinton is able to have an impact this season.

We have mentioned Awe's name a few times as having a huge impact on the defense's success this season. That's not because we are geniuses.

Here's to hoping this comes true about 20 times this season.

This is the way Red Raiders everywhere feel.

What about the quarterback battle?

Interesting....very interesting....

It's like he read my article yesterday.

This would be a huge help to the quarterback.

Love Webb's quote.