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Lubbock Eats: Semi-finals

This week only 4 remain, who will move on to the finals of the Lubbock Eats bracket?

Second seeded Blue Sky and second seeded One Guy won in a landslide last week, bringing in 42% of the vote. This week is our semi-final matchups as only 4 restaurants remain. #1 Spanky's faces #2 Blue Sky and #1 Chimy's squares off with #2 One Guy on the other side of the bracket. These matchups may come down to a few votes so make sure you get your vote in by Monday at noon!

#1 Spanky's vs #2 Blue Sky

Spanky's and Blue Sky meet up in a battle of American grub. In one corner we have Spanky's, king of fried cheese, and in the other we have Blue Sky, master of the burger. While Spanky's has tasty finger foods they also have some delicious burgers and sandwiches as well. Blue Sky has some pretty awesome burgers but also has some of the best appetizers around as well. This matchup is pretty much a toss-up, may the best food joint win.

#1 Chimy's vs #2 One Guy

Cheesy scrumptious nachos vs cheesy scrumptious pizza. Delectable tacos and gut rockets vs delectable calzones. As you can see, these two places have some of the best food in town. Chimy's offers some quality party munchies while you're having fun on Broadway and One Guy has the cure for the next day. Whoever wins this matchup has a great shot of taking home the title as best food spot in the Hub City.